Are you fed up with time wasters, scam artists, and tyre-kickers, when it comes to selling your car privately? Not to mention the costs of advertising, and the fact that your car is losing in value every month that goes by and it's not sold?

Help is at hand! At FIRST NATIONAL CAR SALES we will:

  • We buy any car, with any mileage, as long as it is roadworthy
  • Will come to you if necessary, no need for you to travel
  • Make an instant payment by Fast Bank Transfer, once we have appraised your vehicle
  • Settle any outstanding finance on your behalf, if required
  • Offer fast and friendly service, and within 20-30 minutes from meeting you, the cash can be in YOUR bank

First National Car Sales have over the years developed a simple system that not only helps our customers to get the best possible price for their vehicles, but it is also fast, efficient and hassle-free.

Generally there are two ways you can choose to sell your car;

  1. sell it to a private buyer or
  2. sell it to a dealer

If you sell to a private buyer, you may possibly get a slightly better price for it, but it's not without its risks. It also means dealing with a number of time-wasters, and you will need to be very careful, as there are a lot of internet scams going on.

If you are trying to sell your car privately, we would advise you to read our Selling Tips below, where we give you essential advice on how to safeguard yourself against fraudsters.

If you decide to sell to the trade, you may get slightly less money, but if you haven't got the time or patience to deal with the general public, then that's your best option, and you will certainly avoid a good deal of time and money wasted.

Why choose First National Car Sales when selling your car?

Please read what many of our customers had to say about our service.

This is how our system works, in 4 easy steps:

  1. We ask you to fill in a very simple form with your car's details and email it back to us. You can find it here
  2. Once we receive your car's details, we will carry out a trade valuation based on the information provided, and will contact you by phone or email, to suggest a selling price.
  3. Once the price is agreed, we will then arrange a convenient time either for you to bring the vehicle to us, or we will visit you if that's more convenient for you. It will be a firm offer at this stage, based on your description of the vehicle.
  4. We will carry out an appraisal to compare the description supplied by you, against a visual check. Assuming that there is no significant difference from your original description, a purchase invoice will be signed by both parties, and the funds will be transferred into your account there and then, by Fast Bank Transfer. The monies will be in your account almost instantly, and once you check that funds are there, that is it, job done. The whole process should take no more than 20-30 minutes, from start to finish.

If there is finance outstanding, we can settle with the finance company directly, and then pay to you any residual amount left. All this will be done at the time of the valuation. You will need to be in possession of an up to date final settlement figure in writing (or by email) from your finance company.

Documents required at the time of appraisal:

  1. V5 (log book)
  2. MOT (if applicable)
  3. Service History Book (plus any relevant invoices/receipts)
  4. Finance company settlement figure in writing (if applicable)
  5. Car Manual, plus any other documents that come with the original pack
  6. Minimum of 2 sets of keys

First National Car Sales accept part-exchanges and will consider most roadworthy vehicles. We can provide you with a written valuation, if you fill in the form below, or you can call us on 0208 429 7535 or 07970 743 554

Please complete the fields below and click Next Stage.

Car Valuation


Please read below about the precautions you should take if you are trying to sell your car to someone you don't know;

  1. Never send your car to somewhere you don't know, without first getting paid. There are many internet scams where they offer you the asking price without argument, on the basis that they will pay the money into your bank when the car arrives. Nine out of ten are scams.
  2. Other scams involve giving your bank details on the promise that they will transfer the funds and then have the car collected. Just be aware that no serious buyer would ever pay for a vehicle without checking it first. Once they have your bank account details, they may try to hack into it.
  3. If you're a woman on her own, always ensure that you have a friend or a relative with you, when someone that you don't know comes to view the car.
  4. If you let a prospective buyer test drive your car, ensure that they at least have insurance (even though it will only cover your car for third party, in case of an accident, unless they have a trader's policy) and are also in possession of a full driving license.
  5. Never hand over the keys to someone you don't know, until you are sat in the car with them. If they were to get in the car and drive off, you will not be covered by the insurance, as you handed over the keys to them in the first place.
  6. Never part with the vehicle until you have checked that the money is in your bank account.
  7. Be aware of someone paying with a bankers draft, unless you are with them when they obtain it from the bank. There are many high quality fraudulent banker's drafts currently in circulation.
  8. Be aware of being paid large amounts in cash, as there are a lot of counterfeit notes in circulation, apart from the security risk. If they insist on paying cash, arrange to go to your bank and pay the cash in before parting with the keys.

Also bear in mind that a lot of conmen (and women!) generally dress very well and appear to be honest and trustworthy, so don't be taken by that fact. All the points above are just common sense, but it is easy to let your guard down, when you think you have a serious buyer in front of you. Be especially on guard, if they accept your asking price without even attempting to negotiate.